how do i help animals?

I want to help animals, but i dont want it to be illegal.see what i want is land full of animals that have been aboused and tortuered, and i want to try and build there spirits up again. i want to help them in every way posable. i love animals and i hate seeing them like this. and of coures they would not be for sale or anything they would be my animals and to make sure that they dont go to abusive homes again thats what i would have to do . any way my question is how do i sucssed at that and what would it be called to do that. my heart is in the right place right ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    funny you should ask, my husband and i dream of doing the same , the only advise i can give you now is if you don't have the start up money is to look into gvmnt. grants and loans and money to start businesses there really is alot of gvmt money out there. you need a proposal with actual facts and info i.e. local vets who would be willing to work with you on shots, spay and neutering services, any that can deal with exotics? enviromental impact is a big issue also neighbors,are you just looking to save cats & dogs or all animals? have you scoped any land out? have you taken everything into account? i.e. how much space you need can you get volunteers to help with care and feedings? have you looked into donations big and small corporate and small fundraisers? food donations from pet food distributors? do all of the rescearch you can and come up with a great proposal and see where you can get...unfortunatley all we can do right now is small scale stuff we have 2 dogs and 2 cats all rescues and we give monthly to th aspca and wwf,hope this was helpful and good luck it is a very noble cause.............T

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