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New Fantasy Baseball Team??

I just finished a head-to-head league draft. This is an important 12 team pool to me where money is involved and we are i was just wondering if ppl could give me their insight and opinion on my team and what i can potentially pick up/trade for. Here is my team:

C- Brian McCann

1B- Derreck Lee

2B- Brandon Phillips

SS- Khalil Greene

3B- Alex Rodriquez

1B/3B Utility- Lyle Overbay

2B/3B Utility- Placido Polanco

OF- Carlos Lee

OF- Alex Rios

OF- Adam Dunn

OF- Michael Cuddyer

OF- Josh Willingham

DH/Hitter Utility- J.D Drew

SP- Dan Haren

SP- Aaron Harang

SP- Scott Kazmir

SP- Felix Hernandez

SP- John Lackey

SP- Matt Cain

SP/RP- Brad Penny

RP- Bobby Jenks

RS- Stephan Drew

RS- Yunel Escobar

RS- Joe Borowski

Thanks Alot!

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    you're team looks very good but i think you should try and get a good closer.. you only have jenks and borowski to give you saves and you have plenty of strong starters

    you have speed and power good job drafting

    i'd say that's a grade A

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