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Do you think Ramiele should have been voted off last night?

Ramiele was voted off American Idol last night. Do you think America made the right choice?

Should it have been Jason or Kristy instead?

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    Rameile had so much more to give. In the first week we heard just how good her voice is but she didn't seem to give another performance as goond since then.

    I really liked her though and think Kristy should have gone instead. She's forgettable and hasn't had one good week in my opinion.

    Its suppose to be Mariah Carey week next week and I get this feeling we are going to be missing out on just how good Ramiele is.

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    I think Ramiele and Kristy were on the same level speaking in means of how impressing their performances were, and they both haven't been good for a wile. So either one was fair game, but I think Kristy should have gone home. She's pretty much always in the bottom three and at least Ramiele has a great personality. Kristy should be leaving next week.

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    what sucked about ramiele is that she picked the wrong songs for her and sometimes i got the feeling she wanted to go home anyway. did anyone else get that impression?

    she has a great voice, but didn't show a lot of emotio or passion. when she sang her dolly song after she was voted off, she sounded great!!! she should of sang like that through the entire competition!

    even with bad song choices and not emotion behind them, she still has been better than kristy!

    kristy should of been gone after the first beatles' week. that was horrible!

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    I personally like Jason (and Brooke). Kristy wasn't great, but Ramiele really hasn't been very good for several weeks now. I think it was a toss-up between her and Kristy, but ultimately I think the fans got it right. (Ugh, am I channeling Simon now?!?!?)

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    It was supposed to be Kristy's turn to go home...poor little ramiele...she still has a lot to offer than Kristy... :P

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    its was totally a wrong decision. kristy should have went home. i not being biased . but except that '' god bless usa'' which she did acceptably alright. none of what she did was gd. so face it she sould have went home like ages ago!! she kicked amanda chekezie now ramiele. ridiculous. all thats better than her, im not saying ramiele was very gd this week. btu no doubt surely better than her. im actually surprise to see her sucked at a country week.

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    Yes. She is a good singer but the others have been way better the last few weeks. I predicted she would be sent home this week. Kristy Lee was in her element this week with country music. Jason doesn't have long either. He doesn't put much feeling in the songs he sings.

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    I think it was time for Ramiele to go she hasn't done anything great since hollywood week She might have a good voice but I can't remember any of her performances from week to week she is totally forgetable

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    I definitely think Jason or Kristy should have gone and i dont care if thy get a record deal i dont like Jason nor do i like Kristy.

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