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If I buy a non-ebay item and pay with PayPal, am I covered under the buyer protection if I don't receive it?

If I bought it off craigslist but paid by paypal and don't receive it, can I claim a non-receipt through paypal or you are only covered by eBay purchases paid by paypal?

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    You're covered, subject to Paypal's policy limitations. It's a Paypal thing, not an eBay thing. If you've ever looked at eBay auctions that do not say 'This item is covered under Buyer Protection', you'll also not see the Paypal logo, nor Paypal as an accepted form of payment.

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    You are covered by Paypal yes.

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    if you don't get your product you can file a grievance with pay pal and they will return your money then go after that company for their share.

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