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Does every mistake we've made, make us a stronger person?

Or would you say it's a downward spiral?

Just a simple survey, I appreciate your answers.

Much love and respect :)

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    A lot of our mistakes help us, ultimately.

    Sequential mistakes are different. Those are the ones we keep making over and over again, like behaving like an alcoholic and drinking ourselves to death. That kind of mistake is not at all helpful.

    I would say the majority of our errors do help to inform us to live more wisely, but the mistakes we keep making over and over again have very little, if not actually harmful, effects, over time.

    Source(s): Everyone seems to know the "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." My wise friend once said to me "Bump your head on a counter or shelf once, and I feel sorry for you. Bump your head on it again and I think you're stupid."
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    How could it not dear friend? Hence the famous quote, "What doesn't kill us ... only makes us stronger!" I have used that quote to get through many times in my life and it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we believe mistakes are meant to be learned from then we will learn from them and they will make us stronger.

    Mistakes are only a downward spiral if we ALLOW them to be. We choose our attitude about everything that happens to us in life. We can use mistakes as an EXCUSE for a downward spiral ... but what a waste of energy and life!

    Who I am today ... mistakes and all ... are a result of all that has happened to me and how I have chosen to deal with it. I am definitely a stronger and better person for allowing my mistakes to teach me rather than allowing them to "own" me.

    Peace to you ...


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    You learn more from your mistakes. Having said that, I should be invincible, but I'm not because I find new ways of screwing up, and learning from those mistakes. It is the action of repeating those mistakes that triggers the downward spiral. Nothing teaches better than life itself, and you don't need a class or a book on it.

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    the only reason there would be a downward spiral, would be if the person wallowed in their mistakes/regrets and never tried to change their future.

    I'm sure any mistakes i have made, has made me a stronger person. maybe not strength in a tougher, colder, more aloof way, but becoming more knowledgeable and recognizing what i have done.... then using what i have collected for the (hopefully) hopefull future.

    Source(s): xx-luv-and-respect-xx
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    I would say the every mistake I have made, leads to an upward spiral. Because I learn from my mistakes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, i think some mistakes we make are so bad they scar us for life and make us fall into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety from which we cannot recover. it depends on the person, some ppl cant even face making a tiny mistake

  • Anne
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    4 years ago

    Well with the freedom you have always been denied its only natural to go out and be crazy for at least a little bit. As to getting that shy, Good girl, confident less, depressed girl back. Why would you want that back that was not something you wanted then so why would you want it now? Enjoy your freedom you can be a little more discrete with your relationships if you dont want to be called a whore. we have only one life to live dont feel bad about what you did and dwell on it making yourself depressed. Learn from it, you have always wanted you're freedom enjoy it. take what you didn't like about what you did and chose not to do that anymore. thats my advice anyway.

  • Boo!
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    People might be hurt from their mistakes but yeah, most people definitely gain knowledge which makes them stronger and learn ways on how to do things better.

  • 1 decade ago

    I can honestly say Prods that every mistake I've made in my 47 years has made be a better and stronger person !!

  • 1 decade ago

    I have made quite a few mistakes in my life and each one has been a learning curve and has made me a stronger person for it.

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