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One piece question about Portgas D Ace?!?

I already heard about ace that he was defeated by Blackbeard and been taken to Impel Down. And i remember back in Alabasta, Ace gave Luffy a Biblicard (life of paper) and told Luffy to take care of it. In the end of Thiller Bark, Lola told Luffy that life of paper was burned which means owner's life been fading away...

So is that means Ace is possible die???? God i hope he is not dead! :( :(

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    It means since hes in Impel Down and will be executed sometime the paper burning is like the time he has left to live is getting shorter and shorter. So yes if Luffy doesnt go save him he could die.

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    Well, the reason why the Biblicard paper that Ace gave to Luffy is burning is either because of the conditions he has while he is Impel down OR because of the rough fight he has with Blackbeard. That is what we know so far right?

    So, just because he is in Impel Down doesn't mean he's going to die. We just have to wait and see what Eiichiro Oda is up to.

    And by the way, I don't think luffy is going to save him because in the recent chapters he said that he knows that Ace doesn't want Luffy to get worried of him or save him. It tell that in here

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    Kuchiki Byakuya will win in a Second.

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