As an overall "religion" and in your experience, do you think Christian denominations put?

more emphasis on Satan than they do on God?

You will notice I placed quotations around "religion". As an overall experience and lifestyle choice, I consider following and having a relationship with Jesus to be essentially apart from being a member of any Christian denomination and following their doctrines, catechism or teachings.

I would appreciate your thoughtful answers regarding this.

Thank you :)


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    No, I don't think so, however some Christians do seem to give him more credit than is his due.

    we have to realize that Satan is not the cause of every thing that goes wrong, there is also the human factor.

    the bible says that Satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

    it says that he goes about as, not that he is one.

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  • Our pastor does not discuss Satan or Hell all that often - I can't remember the last time he did. He preaches about serving, how to live your life for God etc.

    I don't notice denominations putting a lot of emphasis on Satan at all. I've been to Lutheran services and Catholic Mass - I don't remeber Satan ever being mentioned. I've found it is more of the fundamentalist churches that seem to do this.


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    My "religion" is not concerned in the least with the devil or God. My "religion" is based on the fact that I am just a human who doesn't know everything, and the fact that there are literally thousands of "religions" who all say they are the correct one. Now, me, just being me, figure that if I live a good life, and since I have no control over any alleged afterlife, will not worry about what comes next. If, and that is a really big if, there is a God, He better have a good sense of humour, and not be like any God I have ever read about if He wants me to hang out with Him, because I don't cotton to no One who looks down on His creation and sees some subservient dude just hoping and praying to hang with Him so He can threaten me with Hell if I don't do His every whim.

    Thank you.

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    Global warming will only be properly addressed when most countries are truly "fearful" of the consequences.

    What joins countries, states, villages, clans, and even families

    together is "love" of course, but fear certainly plays a major role. We hold tight to our families because we love them of course, but also because we fear being alone in this world. Subconsciously I propose that most organizations are greatly persuaded by what they "fear" in common. (A biblical way of raising our children: "Spare the rod and spoil the child". The child sometimes follows our instructions because he fears the punishment if he doesn't follow us.

    As we reach adulthood in most religions we learn to fear Satan. If a preacher or tele-evangelist wants our attention he preaches about Satan and "Hell and Brimbstone".

    I imagine Jesus gave hundreds of sermons about a myriad of subjects. Maybe a thousand sermons, and maybe he mentioned Hell only 8 times. Yet, all 8 times are mentioned in the Bible, cause the people who followed him remembered and retold those "Satan" sermons the most. -- Remember this, the Gospels were written about 100 years after the crucifixion and they simply reduced to writing the most common stories about Jesus that were floating around at the time. ----- Only our hearts and the Holy Spirit can witness what was important to Jesus, verses what is important to Religious leaders of Church Empires.

    Thanks for that question, sweet petunia. (((hugs)))

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    Our pastor talks about satan, but in the way that we have authority over him and can stomp on his neck in the name of Jesus. Just last week he was talking about going into the enemy's camp and taking back everything that he has stolen, and that means lost souls! He never preaches about satan having any authority over a Christian, follower of Jesus.

  • Jan P
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    In my travels in many different churches and denominations I've seen many things....I really haven't seen more of an emphasis on the Enemy than on Jesus. Jesus is the one thing I found in common with the many places I've been. And I was able to be one in Christ with my brothers and sisters all over the world.

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    I've met Christians who do nothing but spout rhetoric about Satan and it seems to dominate their thinking. I've also met a lot who talk only about Jesus. There are also plenty who don't talk much about either. Personally, I think they all spend too much time talking and not enough time acting as they believe.

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    i do... preachers always tell you to ''watch out for satan'', ''don't do this, that''. its like they focus on the negative more than the positive.

    on the other hand, if you went to church only to hear how good of a congregation you are, always obeying god and being good christians, then why would you need to come to church.

    essentially, making people feel like they're horrible sinners and if they don't come to church they're going to hell. and a church full of people brings in more money than a church with none.

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    I don't care to speculate on denominations whose worship services I've little knowledge of, but Jesus spoke of hell more frequently than he spoke of heaven.

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    they certainly seem to accredit satan for a lot of things, or at least mention Satan a lot.

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