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Is this weird?

Is it odd to be a-sexual. I'm almost 16 and at the prime of my puberty years, but i feel no attraction or love to/for anyone (sexual or emotional). I just don't see the point at all. All my friends have at least crushes but I don't.

P.S. I'm telling the truth, I don't feel any love, not even towards my family. Am I just too lazy to?


I also mean that I feel no LOVE at all, I don't have any feelings towards my family or my friends. I'm wondering if thats normal as even a 2 year old loves someone [mom] but I don't.

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    I think you are okay. Maybe you are fortunate in fact. It will come soon enough with time. Just live and be as good a person as you can be, and things will work out for you just fine.

    It's way better than being obsessed with love. You probably have self confidence instead of dependence on the acceptance of others.

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    Not weird at all, you know why? Because you're not the only one. I highly doubt this is something that'll be with you forever. I'm sure within time you'll slowly progress into these sort of feelings.

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    When I was 16, the big thing (other than driving, of course) was still boy scouting. You're perfectly normal.

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    Either you haven't met the right people yet, or you're just content with platonic relationships.

    Not everyone dates in their teen years.

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    Just guessing but you might come"on line" later. No rush. Once you figure yourself out the rest will come easier.

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    you haven't been through puberty my friend, at least not mentally, just trust me.

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