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Haverhill Institute of Design and Staging???

Does anyone know anything about the Haverhill Institute of Design and Staging? I seen an ad in the paper today and looked into their training program on their website, but it all seems a little to good to be true.

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    It is! What they don't tell you on the site is that after you've paid in full, you have to go find several homes to stage as part of your first exercises on your own....I cancelled after finding this out and lost my 'processing' fee of $250.00

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    Haverhill is the real deal - but you must show you're capable of doing the course if you want the job. (Everyone SAYS they're capable)

    Indeed you will need to use sample homes to complete some of the exercises, but you can use your own house/ condo/ apartment or those of friends or family members and if you still can't find any, Haverhill will assist you.

    Zenek gave up too easily, but that's ok - Haverhill doesn’t want to build a company with people who want to fake their way into a job that requires you to be creative and resourceful.

    Haverhill's commitment is a $62,000 a year job + benefits and therefore has the right to expect something in return for that. Most employer assisted job training programs are no different. (Do you think H&R Block will hire you without passing their accounting course?)

    Demonstrating the ability and willingness to stick with the course and complete the exercises filters out the wannabe's from the doers.

    If you're not willing to complete the course, you'll never prove you're capable of meeting the challenges that will be imposed on you by real clients selling their most important asset.

    Meeting deadlines and working with budgets will be far more challenging than the course.

    Home staging is a lucrative, growing industry and as a service to home sellers it really works. But if you want to be involved and develop the confidence to know what you're doing, you need to make a commitment to complete the training.

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