6 month old child with constant fungal infection on toes....?

He started having horrible toes about 3 months ago, so to the doctor we went, couldnt do much to treat it because it just went right under his toenails and he was too young for oral medications. After his toenails fell off, topical treatment went much better, and the nails grew back, but the infection has started again. I have started with the topical treatment again, and im hoping to keep it under control, before it needs oral meds. Any suggestions to go along with the antifungal solution (we are using clotrimazole, canesten).

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  • 1 decade ago
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    peroxide is safe for babies' skin and great for fungi and infection..so is baking soda..i think you can put his feet in a peroxide or soda bath ( you mix it with water) to control the infection..I once developed a fungus and that is what i used to clear it up..its also more natural..and also use a gold bond powder after a bath..when the feet are completely dry to keep the foot in balance so that the infection does not spread. Awwe bless his lil heart. I love the babies of the world..

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