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HELP! Herpes outbreak not going away!?

I have had an outbreak moving around....for 3'll heal in one spot & it'll pop up in another spot the next day - over & over again.

I'm a strange one - Valtrex caused me to itch constantly as if I were about to get an don't suggest Valtrex - I can't use it!

I tried last month H-Balm (sent that sh*t back! It was oil-based and caused an outbreak)

and started taking L-Lysine recently.... it made the 1st outbreak clear up in 24 hours....but then it came right back! And the L-Lysine has not helped since!

I have 2 genital herpes infections... My left side "lip" breaks out (from my 1st husband)

and the right side gets an outbreak right directly by my vaginal opening (from an x-boyfriend - we both had herpes & thought unprotected sex couldn't hurt us! WRONG)

So it's been going back & forth for 3 weeks now!



Any kind of suppressive therapy seems to only suppress the outbreak under my skin - and then I am still contagious

Update 2:

After 20+ years with herpes - I know not to have sex....

My current husband does not have it

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    I would suggest going to see a doctor to get a prescription for acyclovier. Maybe that could clear it up.

    But honestly I would think that you would be in enough pain from the herpes outbreaks that some itching from the valtrex would be nothing in comparison.

    Maybe you could take benedryl along with it, because you need to get rid of this outbreak.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: Don't have sex until the outbreak is completely gone and has shown no signs for a week.

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    The fact that you're stressing is probably not making it any better. Maybe you should try some Zovirax, people dont usually say anything about it I dont know if its because they dont know about it or that Valtrex is supposed to be so great. But in you're situation you might want to try it....cant hurt.

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