A summary of Alice in Wonderland? 10 points?

I have read the book and for my book report I made a summary of the book and it was total crap. So, please don't tell me to do It myself. I have.

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    A little girl named Alice fell asleep and then all of the sudden she hears a bunny yelling im late. So she follows him into a bunny hole. Then after she gets lost following him she has the adventure of a lifetime. She eats cookies and drinks that made her big and small. She met a treasure cat, had a tea party with a mad guy with his friends. But they weren't really mad,just crazy. She also played croquet with the queen where she also found the bunny, and then got in trouble by the queen. When in trial she was gonna be guilty but then she woke up as if it was all a dream...

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    Alice was listening to her gaurdian or someone listen to her tell her a story. Im assuming it was very boring, because Alice fell asleep. She dreamt about crazy unbelievable things that could never happen in the real world. Alice was in Wonderland. She got lost, met a lot of creatures, and when she woke up, it was time for her to go home.

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    A little girl named Alice falls asleep while her sister is reading her a story. She sees a rabbit run by and follows him, falling into a hole. She meets a lot of people, like the rabbit, mad hatter, and the queen of hearts. After many adventures and almost getting beheaded, she finds her way back home and wakes up.

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    a girl falls asleep while her mother is having a party and goes through akward places and does akward stuff

    hope i helped


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    If a human being does "Magic Mushrooms", they just might see a "funny bunny"!

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