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what would you do if you got stuck inside a well and had.....?

no phone or any mode of communication with you at the time? what would you do? and what about if it began to snow?......muhahahaha how you going to get yourself out of that?


sorry forgot to add, what if the well was no where near civilization? theres no hope there...

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    well...hmmmmmmm i guess ill tell you

    1. say "ouch, oa...ahh" {falling down the well}

    2. I would cry for a bit...cuz i got a booboo..

    3. I would scream Help three times "HELP!" "HELP!" "HELP!"

    4. {No help arives} I'd start talking to that guy {The ecko}

    5. After entertaining my self..Id go take a pee warmth at last.. {for the snow}

    6. than i'd cut the

    7. I'd scream HELP! one more time..

    8. I'll eat some snow..


    9. I'd gather my strength after sleeping..climb up with my legs and my back... Sort og like {could have done that at the}

    10. than ill go and kill all the village people for not helping me, when i was Lost..

    11. Now ill kill you all cuz i am lost, and still no help




  • HMS
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    1 decade ago

    Pray to Allah Ask for forgiveness for may sin I would recite this duaa because it Got Jonah (Yunis)(AS) from the Belly of the Whale

    "Allahuma Eni Kunto Min Al Zalimeen, ..." "Oh Allah I have transgressed, and if you do not forgive me I would surly be one of the losers.."

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    build a starcase out of the snow. try to keep warm. and sing songs that i know to keep myself alittle happy

    Source(s): boyfriend gave me the idea for the stair case
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    its a good thing if it snows or rain, just swim up as it rises, if u cant swim, too bad

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    oooh! i wood b so sad an skared!!!

    maybe my frends in Ramadan sekshun will help me owt

    EDIT - o no sivelizashun so i will end ups lik dis:

  • IMK
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    1 decade ago

    scream (for help) at the top of my lungs

    or try to climb out

  • if it snows i will cover myself with a coat.... i will scream top of my lungs! till they found me... and wright SOS

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pray to Allaah and beg for forgiveness. Imagine if it starts to rain.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    easy, but i wont tell you, so you wont get out,lol

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