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Debate: United States invasion of Iraq?

Debate: United States invasion of Iraq?

I'm Pro

I just have a question.

When my parter is like

" Innocent people died.. You didn't have to invade them, you could of planned it out first."

Then i got like... The UN has a right to keep the would safe...bluh bluh bluh... and the World War ll thing.. about hitlor...

If she mentions innocent people dieing.. what is a good comeback/

please HELP!

I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks =D



It;s a DEBATE!



Update 2:

sorry for the spelling errors... i was in a rush.

Update 3:


I would try because 30% of me language marks depend on it? lol


Thanks for your answers.

Update 4:

I look so stupid with all these Additional Details.... but i wanna thank you all dfor taking the time to answer my question.. again. [ thanks carm ]

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  • Kojak
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    FIRST .....I am NOT a warmonger.... I ran a "no kill" animal shelter and do not believe in killing

    SECOND .....I am a two time combat veteran.... front and center in the blood and mud

    THIRD..... A wise man once said, " The only thing necessary for EVIL to triumph is for good people to do nothing" We must fight evil

    FOURTH.... The military goes to EXTREME measures to not kill the innocent..... we spend BILLIONS of dollars to perfect weapons that reduce "collateral damage".....we have Rules of Engagement ( ROE ) which literally risk our sldiers lives to avoid killing the innocent........ we have complete units dedicated to saving innocent lives and historical treasures. We hold our military to an almost impossible level of morality and compassion......AND do a pretty good job at it

    FINALLY..... While we regret the loss of a single innocent life.... many of us are haunted for the rest of our lives because of these tragedies....... the hard cold truth is.....if those innocent civilians had stood against EVIL.....we would not need to...... If they did not associate with EVIL they would not die with the EVIL.......

    To allow EVIL to reign uncheck will cost MORE innocent lives than fighting EVIL......

    It is common for compassionate people to see the immediate loss of life.....the immediate tragedy......but forget that NOT fighting will cause EVEN MORE loss of innocent lives and freedom.

    Did the UN stop 911....or even punish anyone for that attack......the UN trains "Peacekeepers" ....the school is run for a profit by Kofi.....UN "Peacekeepers" rape 12 year old girls in Africa......UN "Peacekeeper" stood by and allowed Hamas to use their military observation posts in Lebanon to attack Israel.....stood by and allowed Hezbula to bring in weapons and ammunition and attack srael.....kidnap Israeli soldiers......and you want to leave the security of our nation to UN Peacekeepers..... the same UN that suggested Saddam Hussein be head of the Security Counsel..... The same UN that chastizes America for defending itself but says NOTHING about the crimes of Hamas, Hezbula or Al Quida

    Sorry but your friend is ruled by emotion and out of touch with REALITY

  • carm
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    Hi Lucy, I'll help you girl, ok first of all challenge their knowledge ?, by that I mean they say the UN keeps the world safe ?, ask them who does the UN call when they need help ?, the US hello, the US is the superpower, the plans are already there, ask her about what innocent people are dying, we all forgot about the 5000 innocent people who died at the 9/ 11 ?, and these people want to help terrorist activities, and why should we care about their innocent people who have died ?, they didn't care about their own why should we ?, and if being so wrong with invading Iraq, then why did so many other country's come to help ?, Lucy, thank you for giving me the best answer on you last question about this subject, I'm glad to help you, I read about it and I know people who live not far from there too, and I talk to them all the time, they tell ma about it and it is really not as bad as our media puts it, yes the fighting is still going on, but that's worldwide too, chat with you soon Lucy, and good luck girl in the debate.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    for an affirmation to this question u need to point out that if we as the united states doesnt go ahead and jump in on this then israel will and then the whole middle east will will be in an uproar, and we will be blamed for it. ( David C. hELWICH, research for paradigm research) . Once they have nuclear weapons, none of the sanctions we have or will have wont work therefore military action is our only option. To negate it... Iran wont have nuclear weapons anytime soon , therefore threats are exaggerated. It takes a long time to make these things so it is logically impossible for them to be making the threats that they are being accused of ,especially since they dont officially have nuclear weapons. There are other effective alternatives, yes world peace is one that comes to mind however we arent in a beauty pagent. However dis investing ourselves in Iran would help us more than attacking them. Currently the rugmarket is skyrocketing this is largely in part because of the embargo being lifted in 2000. Things like that could be eliminated thus creating less of our need to be in good with iran. Intelligence gaps is another big point to hit on, we are merely operating on a pure hear- say of where these "nuclear weapons" are. Iran is a huge country, so just going in there and attacking with a hit and miss concept is clearly unwise. Another important thing to remember when debating this is that it is our government against theirs. I know for a fact that Iranian people for the most part love Americans, and unless it is a personal experience most Americans have nothing agains Iranian people. So the hatred we hear of Iranian's for us is what the government is feeding us, AND vice versa. I am currently still researching this aswell anything else i find i well let u know about. If you have any questions feel free to contact me . Good luck with your debate.

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    Ask her how many innocent people were put to death under Saddam's rule.

    Edit -- Sorry Mike. I had to change it. After putting it in, I realized that she's probably a high school student and her use of the term "partner" wasn't the same as my understanding of the word "partner. Someone else saw it too and I got a thumbs down. LOL.

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    How many innocent Iraqi people died during Saddam Hussein's reign of terror?

  • 1 decade ago

    All the innocent soldiers dying. They are doing their job. Your friends needs to watch what she says. We didnt have to invade but tell those to some of the family members of people who jumped out of world trade center windows.

  • 1 decade ago

    Shoot her and say collateral damage!!! ;D (Oh by the way, learn to spell a little better and you won't look so foolish. I am a conservative and I cringed at your misspellings, spell check is there for a reason.)

    EDIT---JOKE guys geez no sense of humor, you guys need to get laid or something, don't take this crap so serious (by the way, Smoker's answer was great

  • (:P)
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    More innocent people were dying before the invasion. They were being systematically eliminated. The invasion is actually saving lives.

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    ask her what about the inocent people in the trade centers. dont they have to right to live?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Their innocent people are dying so our innocent people don't have to. No more 911's!.

    We are not sick of this war, but we are sick of not even having the will to win.

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