I have my AT&T home phone bundled with DSL. Can I keep my AT&T DSL and use another carrier for the home line?

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    1 decade ago
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    Legally, yes.

    If you find another CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) who can provide you with PSTN telephone service, then AT&T is legally obligated to allow the CLEC to service your line with PSTN phone service.

    AT&T will then be servicing you with only "Dry Loop DSL", or "Naked DSL", without phone service. They will probably charge you a higher price though, for the "unbundled" dry loop DSL service...

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    if you have dsl w/ at&t and you switch your phone, the dsl will automatically be disconnected. what you will need to to is call at&t and schedule a disconnect for the phone & have them switch the dsl to "dry loop" if its in your area , this service doesn't require at&t landline. call 1877uaskatt to see what your options are in your area use referral code jr0583 good luck!

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