the cc dosnt give me a copy...or others of what i sendout?

when i told yahoo of the problems they requested copies with what are headers and i have no copies because cc didn;t relate them back

any ideas.....that help?


and now i cannoteven cc from my group.......i can cc from another group; but not the group i would like to.

could it be my adress could i check thet

could it be some outside interference? that stopps the cc?

is my pop mail bopped?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    TO, CC, and BCC are all fields where you must enter an email address for it to work. Put your address in CC or BCC. If you want a copy of the mail that you send the best way is to go to options and set it to put a copy in sent items.

    To see the full headers do the following. Obviously it will not work unless you have a copy in sent items folder.

    In new mail - click on the subject to open read pane. At the right it says "compact header". Click on little triangle and select "full header".

    In classic mail - click on the subject to open read pane. At the bottom right click on "full headers".


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