My 1999 dodge neon is cutting out??

Well i just got this dodge neon and well it has the 2.0 and its a new motor aka not the origanal motor well it has a few vacume leaks but i taped a few off and well when i first got my car we drove it home fine and now about after 400 miles my car is cutting out but not staling i can be in fith gear and 50 miles an hour and it will cut out for a second then theres also when i take off and the rpms get up a little and it starts to jerk and cut off and at first i thought tht it was a pinched fuel line cause it is acting like it was starving for fuel but then i also checked the fuel injectors and also checked the lines. now i also know its not a cloged cadalitic converter either all my gauges work ok.But ocasionally when ever my speedometer starts to wack out is when my car starts to cut out.n-e ideas??!?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sound like a clogged fuel filter, or bad TPS. Worst case your fuel pump is going out. If you just want to through parts at it start with a fuel filter (20.00) then TPS (57.00) then fuel pump (185.00)

  • 1 decade ago

    start from the ecm and trace the wires sounds like a short somewhere

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