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Question for everyone: What do you think about having a "saviour baby" to save another child?

This is an actual serious question!

A Canadian family has an 8 year old who has leukemia and for whom a bone marrow match has not been found. He has been battling it for five years, and the combination of chemotherapy and medication has stopped being effective.

So his mother (age 47) and father have decided to IVF themselves up a baby - specifically, a saviour baby, which the Vancouver Sun calls "a test-tube baby created to save an older, sick sibling through donor stem cells from the newborn's umbilical cord."

Here is a description of the process:

"The process begins with conventional in vintro fertilization in which embryos are created in a lab....But the next step is controversial; doctors...thens creen embryos to look for one that is a tissue match. The match embryo would them be implanted...and when the baby is born, umbilical cord stem cells would be harvested for transplantation."

What do you guys think of this? Sin or no? Moral or no? Good idea or no?

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    As a parent, I could see doing almost anything to save my child. More objectively, this has happened before, and from what I read, the emotional and physical toll on the "saviour baby" was tremendous. Not just cord blood, but as time went on blood, marrow, even organs may be demanded. Imagine feeling like you are living only to provide spare parts for someone else.

    I've never been in their situation, so can't judge, but I wouldn't want to be a saviour baby.

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    I think that it's acceptable up to an extent (cord blood, first marrow donation)

    But it can become a slippery slope very, very quickly.

    If that child relapses, if that child needs more donations, the parent is put in the constant and difficult situation of having to choose between one child's comfort and normality and the other's lengthened life- over and over and over, and imagine how difficult that is for both of the children, how much the donor child might resent both the parents and their sibling for being used like that?

    And what if it comes down to a major and possibly life threatening donation the sick child eventually needs? How difficult a choice would it be to point at one child and chose life for them?

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    this is a not hassle-free one and that i definitely havn't completley made up my suggestions. permit me say this however. My youngest has cystic fibrosis and besides the reality that the learn continues to be happenning, i be responsive to of folk who've already long previous and executed this to enhance the possibilities of assisting their one with CF. As a mum, the seen something that ought to help your toddler is so tempting and my husband and that i've got observed it. yet as of this 2nd, besides the reality that i comprehend why others have considered this as a spectacular determination and jumped on the prospect, I even have felt that the seen having a toddler only for 'spare aspects' in an attempt to speak, is a few thing i dont decide for to do in the present day. additionally, my husband and that i had desperate before Charlie became born that we did not decide for anymore babies and so experience it somewhat is not ethically and morally top for us. even with the way it may help our spectacular wee guy. it somewhat is form of like the debatable abortion concern. i don't trust or decide for to do it myself, yet i comprehend that all people has to make their very own determination and for some it somewhat is the perfect determination. each difficulty is diverse.

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    I don't have a problem with this, but I bet many people would.

    Especially the ones that think a "soul" of some kind enters the cells at conception. The extra embryos will be discarded...

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    I don't believe in sin, so that's not a concern. I think it's okay, but hopefully they'd also screen out embryos with birth defects, because at age 47 a woman's eggs have seriously deteriorated in quality.

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