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Books to read?

I want to read a good book like Everlost.

I just need the title and what it's about

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    Though I haven't read Everlost, I did read the description on Amazon. It sounds interesting.

    Though different, you may enjoy some of Dean Koontz's novels like his Odd Thomas series (Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd and, in May, Odd Hours). The 20-year-old Odd Thomas has a strange life: he sees dead people. They don't (and can't) speak to him, but they come to him for a reason. Odd is a truly unique character with a wonderful sense of humor.

    You may also enjoy some of the books by Frank Peretti like Piercing the Darkness, This Present Darkness, The Oath, House (with Ted Dekker) or his Veritas Project books: Hangman's Curse and Nightmare Academy. His books are all what I would call supernatural thrillers. They are very interesting.

    Amazon also has a list of books enjoyed by people who enjoyed Everlost. If you go about halfway down the page, you'll see graphics of bookcovers with the names underneath. You can click on the right or left arrows to see more books.

    I hope this helps.

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    I don't know about Everlost, but I really like Poison Study and it's two sequels by Maria V. Snyder. It's about a young woman who's scheduled to be executed and ends up being a poison taster instead. It's full of adventure, fantasy, drama, romance, suspense and just about everything you'd ever want in a book. I read all kinds, but it's definitely on the top of my recommendations.

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    I always love the classics and contemporary and latin american novels:

    One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Love in the Time of Cholera (same author)

    House of the Spirit and Eva Luna by Isabelle Allende

    Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

    Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

    all works of Paolo Coelho

    Phantom of the Opera

    The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas

    Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

    works of Mitch Albom (Five People you Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie)

    The Little Prince

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    "The Great Divorce," C. S. Lewis, trip to heaven.

    "West with the Night," Markham; Hemingway's favorite non-fiction book. Adventure.

    "A Wrinkle in Time" series, L'Engle,

    "The Neverending Story," Michael Ende,

    "Testimony of Light," Helen Greaves, about afterlife scenes;

    "Men in White Apparel," Ann Ree Colton, about afterlife scenes;

    "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, about afterlife scenes and more;

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    Good Night Mr. Tom

    AMazing book about a boy during WWII who is abused, but then goes into the hands of the loving, but stern, MR. TOM, but many things happen. BEST BOOK EVER!!!

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    Mein Kämpfe

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    books are weird.

    they will soon turn into gigantic marshmellows & take over the world!

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