what is the longest word in the english language you can type using only the top row of a keyboard.?

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    The longest International English words typable using only the top row of letters are proprietor, perpetuity, repertoire, and typewriter. In American English the word teetertotter (the equivalent of what is known as a see-saw) is longer.

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    As neat as it would be -- and as popular as it is to say so--, the answer is NOT "typewriter"

    The longest words are TWELVE letters long (see below).

    But looking at "typewriter" for a moment -- If this WERE the "longest word" at 10 letters, it would be tied with these common words:

    perpetuity, proprietor, repertoire

    And also with these rarer words -- all of which you'll find listed at


    pepperroot, pepperwort, pirouetter, prerequire, pretorture, tetterwort

    But there are also 11 and 12-letter words.

    The only one of these that is common/familiar is "teetertotter" (though some dismiss it because it is often spelled with a hyphen)


    But here are others, both listed at dictionary.com

    11 letters: rupturewort

    12 letters: proterotype

    The following link, and others like it written to answer your very question, lists many of the words above, as well as another 10-letter word --"repetitory"-- and two more 12-letter word:

    pituitotrope, uropyoureter


    (It also lists the 10-letter word "pewterwort", but I think that's a typo for "peterwort")

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    i learned this a couple days ago. i wonder why u need this, but as long as im helping! yay!

  • typewriter ;)

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