In "To kill a mockingbird" is it enough to isolate oneself from injustice (Boo) or....?

In harper lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" is it enough to isolate ones self from injustice, (boo) or do people need to take a stance against it, despite the fact that little may change? (atticus)



Thank you, #7 (top contributor), i do believe that your questions point out many good points, but i need to make an argument for one or the either. i have to write a whole essay on how it is true. i chose my thesis on atticus side, because i have more evidence. Although i strongly and completely agree with what you are saying.

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    Just a few thoughts on your question.

    What did Boo achieve through isolation for himself, other persons, or society? What did Atticus achieve for himself, other persons, or society by taking stands against injustice?

    Any decent person has compassion and even admiration for Boo, because he is a badly wounded/traumatized person who, even in his isolation, reached out to Scout and the other kids and bravely risked every protection he had built around himself to save them when they needed it, but, between Boo and Atticus, which would you choose to emulate? Which do you wish your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and children would emulate? Would a town full of Boos or a town full of Atticuses be a better place to live?

    If you had to select just one of them to be your own father, brother, son, husband, friend, or mentor, which would you choose? Why?

    Which of the two do you think has the most respect for himself? the most respect for others? Why do you think that is so? Which is more respected by others? Why do you think that is so?

    Which do you think is in more real danger from others? Why do you think that is so?

    Why do you think Boo felt safe enough to break his isolation just a little bit and reach out to Scout and the others? Did it maybe have something to do with the way Atticus treated everyone including Boo and how he taught his children to behave toward Boo and others?

    CAN you ever truly isolate yourself from injustice? Look what happened to Anne Frank. Consider the following: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" (Sir Edmund Burke) and "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem" (Abbie Hoffman, I think).

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