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Is cognitive dissonance considered a real problem in today's world?

and what could one expect if s/he found a simple way to eliminate it in all people?

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    Cognitive dissonance is a plague. it is getting better slowly, since january one 2000 but it is just now beginning to do so. This particular plague, came with the invention, and pblic market saturation of "fm" radio which began in the 50's. I know because i was there. The father if this wave, began in the sixties, and his name is howard stern. He is known as the father of shock jock radio. In these old days, computers was a fantasia, and fm radio was new, and radio itself was a very moderated system of public information. It was serious, informative, real, legal, sane, and reliable. The federal communication commission, (fcc), moderated the broadcast industry for the highest social and family values. 'ANY VIOLATION OF THESE STANDARDS, WAS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME, AND COST MUCH MONEY, AND OFTEN JAIL TIME.

    A disc jockey, acting rude,crude, and obnoxious on the air, would be a serius offense, and the ofender, would be removed from the airwaves, by force. Now , with the age of information, (GLOBAL TWO WAY COMMUNICATION VIA THE INTERNET), The moral conscience of the mass, is slowly beginning to deal with the question, but only as a question. Much the same ways as you have offhandedly asked this question. My grand children, and your children, will be the first in a new wave of morality.

    I suggest you teach morality to your children and grandchlidren, as it will be appreciated in time. As for me, i was a good person, as i was raised to be, and i hated dissonance all my life. I am now dissonant, and have applied my dissonance to fighting those whom are dissonant. (I AM DISSONANT WITH A DISSONANT MASS)!

    It is always dangerous to be correct in any issue where the mass is erroneous, and believes itself to be correct. For the reason of this truth, my life is in peril. I do not care, because i am old, and have a grand database, of experiential, knowledge, and abstract wisdom. I am as mean as my environment, but only to those whom are in cognitive dissonance.

    Source(s): Life experience.
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    Let's begin with as good a brief definition as I've seen, from Wikipedia:

    "Cognitive dissonance is a psychological state that describes the uncomfortable feeling between what one holds to be true and what one knows to be true. Similar to ambivalence, the term cognitive dissonance describes conflicting thoughts or beliefs (cognitions) that occur at the same time, or when engaged in behaviors that conflict with one's beliefs."

    So then...CD is a conflict one feels between two opposing thoughts or ideas. As problems go, it is not a psychological or personality disorder, but an internal feeling that something is wrong, a tension between two opposing but equally believable ideas. It is not a disease or sickness. And of course there is no way to "eliminate it in all people" because it is situation-specific. It is a thought-problem that can only be resolved when one creates peace between the two conflicting ideas.

    I have no idea what the two rants are about.

    The second makes no sense at all, and has nothing to do with your question or the topic.

    "Prince Harry" seems to think the phrase "cognitive dissonance" is from the Bible. I have five years of graduate education and 2 advanced degrees in biblical studies, not to mention a good concordance, and I can assure the Prince there is NO mention of it in the Bible.

    We DO know that the phrase was originated by social psychologist Leon Festinger in 1957 and has taken its place in modern, main-stream psychology and sociology.

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    why do Christians always use the big words from the bible or do you get them from the encyclopedia...

    it does not make you a better person using these big words it makes you look inferior to me and a lot of people...

    why don't you speak from the heart and be yourself instead of citing from the bible..

    its so fake

    and my answer to your questoin its all fairytale..

    you need a reality cheak....

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