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Rate my warrior deck?

(monsters) 23

Gilford the Legend

Gilford the Lightning

The Fiend Megacyber

Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Gearfried the Swordmaster

Black Luster Soldier

Vanity's Fiend

Vanity's Ruler

Marauding Captain x3

Command Knight x3

Field-Commander Rahz

Gearfried the Iron Knight

Warrior Lady of the Wasteland

Obnoxiouse Celtic Gaurdian

Getsu Fuhma

Dark Crusader

Exiled Force

D.D. Warrior Lady

Chiron the Mage

(spells) 17

Reinforcement of the army x2

The Warrior Returning Alive

Release Restraint

Black Luster Ritual

Divine Sword-Phoenix Blade

Wicked-Breaking Flameberge-Baou

Fusion Sword Marasame Blade

Swords of Revealing Light

Swords of Concealing Light

Different Dimension Capsule

Brain control

Premature Burial


Giant Trunade

Heavy Storm

Lightning Vortex

(traps) 5

Blast With Chain

Ultimate Offering

Sakuretsu Armor

Trap Hole

Bottomless Trap Hole

heres my deck fix,im unable to give answers since im lvl 1 yahoo but if u dont like the deck tuff im not takeing out any redheads there way too sexy ^^

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    im guessing redheads means command knights? ... select which 2 of the higher level monsters (although my warrior deck had 0 lol) you wanna keep in ... i would suggest you keep, the fiend megacyber and swift gaia ... if you do this you should take out both gilford (legend and lightning), gearfried the swordmaster, black luster soldier, vanity's fiend, vanity's ruler, field commander rahz, gearfried the iron knight, warrior lady of the wasteland, dark crusader, chiron the mage, release restraint, black luster ritual, all 3 of the equips, different dimension capsule, brain control (although u may wanna keep it in), blast with chain, ultimate offering, trap hole

    put in 3x disciple of the forbidden spell, a couple of DD assailants, i would suggest also putting in the disk commander/stratos/fear monger combo to help with the draw for this deck

    why do you have swords of concealing in here? ... it really doesnt do alot and i would only put it in if you are playin the mystic swordsman set

    spells are looking ok except for what i have already mentioned ... if you really want the equip cards you should put in a united we stand and a mage power, you need to get a mirror force in here too

    also you may wanna think about my body as a shield and spell strikers ... my body as a shield will protect your monsters and spell striker does direct attacks ... use this in combination with 2x marauding and 2x command knight and they cant attack it and you doing 1400 to their LP each turn ... hope this helps

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    take my adivce. ok i like this deck. cause i have my own warrior deck that a little similar to this one but first the ones i would take out is:

    gearfried the swordsmaster

    The Fiend Megacyber

    Vanity's Ruler

    gearfried the swordsmaster i think is to hard to get on the field and those i don't think have that good of an effect and they don't fit the deck put in more powerful 4 stared monsters

    to help out your Marauding Captains i would put in dark blades or Gearfried the Iron Knight. and keep in the gilford's they do help your deck.

    about your magic and traps i think your magic cards but the ones i would take out is:

    release restraint

    Wicked-Breaking Flameberge-Baou

    put in more lightning blades they can help out your warriors alot!! then put in monster reborn since not all of your monsters i warrior type. all you traps i like them but try to put in magic cylinder are spellbinding circle etc. but don't take this message mean way. i just wanna help but good luck with your deck!!!

    Source(s): I been Dueling for 5 years
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    You need to focus on one or two high level warriors. Also, ditch some of the equips. This looks like 1-step up from a Warrior's Triumph structure deck. Repost the list with a few more multiples of the low level warriors and I'll be more than willing to help you improve it. Also, ditch the Gilfords, they are no good.

    And what red-heads are you referring to? The only ones in there are Getsu Fuhma and Vanity's Fiend (who is a dude).


    6 years of experience

    regular hobby league player

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