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Egyptian Names?

What are some disctinctly Egyptian names?

Do you have any favorites?

Any favorite Arabic/Muslim/Copt names specifically?


Like Aantar wou Aabas :P ... though there's alot of Abbas in Pakistan and India... but ours is dear Aabas, hehe...

Update 2:

lol if I could count how many Christian Egyptian girls I know with the name Christine or any name ending with 'ene'/'ine' in general :) But those names do sound pretty.

A lot of Egyptians are naming their boys Sameer and Shady lately too...

My fave Coptic name for a guy, though it's a bit older is Makari

Fave Muslim/Arab are Ishmael, Isa, Ibrahim, Ramirez/Ramez and Hamed/Hamid

Girls in general - Jasmine, Basma, Maryam and Rejan

Update 3:

Also I've never even heard of Basant before. Is this ultra sa'eedi?

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    male names for Moslems :

    Mahmoud , Kareem, Amr , Amar , Abdel Rahman , Saeed , Hatem , Khaled , Yehia , Omar

    for Copts :

    Aziz , Ameen, Medhat , Abdalah

    female names for Moslems :

    Zeinab, Marwa , Khadiga

    for Copts :

    Amira , Aida , Gamila , Nabila

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    Not sure if these are arabic or eygptian names but i heard these names when there and fell in love with them

    For a girl

    Summer, sophiya, amira

    For a boy

    Hamed, sammy

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    Tutan Kar Moon.

  • You cannot go wrong with Hossam. unique meaningful name, and all Hossams I knew where great people :):)

    Other popular Names:

    Youssef, Kareem, Lo2ay, Shereef

    Favorite copt names: Raafat, Magued, Nabil


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    My favourite is Meren-beta'h ..He was the son of Ra'msees II, the great pharaoh of Egypt.And ruled Egypt after his father.

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    Amera, Amena for girl

    Wael, Hadi for boy

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    Sara (english/ in the quran)

    Sophia (english/ in the quran)


    Maryam or Miriam (english = mary)

    layla, ( english = lila, or lilly)

    amina (english = mina)

    or amira

    Yasmine (english = jasmine)


    yaseen : (in english it would be "Jason")

    zacariah: (english= Zack)

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    1 decade ago bassant is the arabic name of a's very famous...

    Rana is not very popular here compared to other names...more popular in Iraq :D

    the most famous names are yusuf,islam,Mohammad and ahmad..and Abdulrahman,Gamal..

    sarah,Dina(i have 6 friends named dina),heba(4 friends named heba :P),Nada,Noha,Mai...

    my favourite are Noor,Mariam,Yasmine....Hassan,Yusuf,Hossam...

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    yaay i love my name

    i love roqaya too

    and omnia , sara , hana , noor , norhan and marim

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    Sumenkareh,pronounced su-men-kar-eh (she was an egyptian pharaoh..i like her name the best..very unique too

    Copt/Egyptian/General names: Yusteen,Christine/Christina,Irene,Samia,Mary/Mariam,Marina,


    Reema,Rola,Lena,Dina,Daniella,Jordana (i like that name),Giselle,Ghazala (means deer in arabic)

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