Route from Pharmacy & Finch to subway to Sick Children Hospital?

Route by bus from Pharmacy Ave & Finch Ave to Subway stn to Sick Children Hospital , Toronto

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ride to Finch Subway station, and then go to Bloor Subway Stn and transfer to the Bloor-Danforth line going WEST, to St George Station, then go upstairs and take it south to St Patrick (You will have to come up to Elm 1 blk north and then 1 blk east, the main enterance is on Elizabeth St) or Queens Park (down to Elm just at the intersection south of the Sub St on University and then over to the the hospital at Elm and Elizabeth), there it is just a short walk to Sicks Kids Hspt, I used to work in the area as a chef and walked by there every day, I also lived in North York at Wilson and Bathurst.

    You can just stay on the Yonge line and ride it around to Queens Park after it has gone threw Union Station and heads up the University-Spadina line, it is not much of a longer ride, but you do not have to make all the transfers to the 2 other lines, a bit less confusing.

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