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how do i access the limited profile settings on facebook?

There used to be a screen that you could get to from the privacy section....but i cant find it under "privacy" "profile"...it just takes me to a list of things i can block people from. I want to go to where you can take people off the list, put people on it, change whats available on the limited profile and whats not....like be able to edit whats already there....and for the life of me, i can't figure out how to get into that screen....someone please help.

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    Facebook changed its privacy system a while back. The limited profile is gone. Under the "Privacy" tab if you click "Profile" you get all the options. You can limit access based on facebook's default options. For each section of your profile, "Basic Info," "Personal Info," "Status Updates," etc. you can list out certain people you don't want to be able to see that area by clicking the "Customize" option in the drop down menu. You can also do this for all the phone numbers and e-mail addresses you have given to facebook under the "Personal Info" tab. This is supposed to be an improvement over the limited profile b/c you can customize every aspect of your profile, like who sees it and what not. With the limited profile option facebook decided what all was included in the limited profile as opposed to the real profile and you couldn't customize any of that. Now you can customize EVERYTHING if you have the time.

    You should e-mail me your facebook name. I tried searching for it to add you, but didn't find you on there.

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  • kaire
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    I'm not exactly sure about how to change what shows on your Limited Profile (I think you have to do it individually like what you said above), but here's how you can take people off the list and put them on, etc:

    1) Click the "Friends" link at the top of the screen.

    2) Then look towards the right side of the screen where the various Lists of friends are. There should be a list called "Limited Profile." Click it.

    3) To delete someone from the Limited list, scroll down to the name of the person. To the far right of their name are 2 icons: a rectangle and an X. Click the "X."

    4) In the pop-up, click the button that says "Remove from List." Now that person should have full access to your profile.

    5) To add people, just type in their name at the top in that box next to "Add to List."

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  • Anonymous
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    account and privacy

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