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How can you tell if you had problems with your miscarriage.?

i started to spot feb 27 then had a natural miscarriage on mar 2nd. Heavey bleeding only lasted for about 6 hours then tappered into spotting for a week. I then had heavey bleeding again about a week later which only lasted about 2 hours. Then there was just very very light spotting for 2 and 1/2 weeks after this. Its now been 50 days since day 1 and no Period. I spotted 3 times last week but just when i wiped. There was lower right abdominal ach and right side lower back pain. Could all of this mean that there could be complications becasue of this? Thanks alot

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    First of all; I'm sooo sorry to hear about your loss :( but i know that it does sometimes take a while for your cycle to get back on track after a miscarriage so maybe that's the problem. But I do suggest that you discuss any other concerns with a doctor. Better safe than sorry...Good Luck!

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    id ask for an ultrasound and a d&c ...just to have a clean out

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