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Do you beleive that Jimmy Carter should have his passport revoked because...?

...he is speaking to Hamas, calling Israel an apartheid nation, and generally undermining US current foreign policy?

"He's just unilaterally going off on his own and undermining everything the international community and the United States is (sic) trying to do," protested Republican U.S. House Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-09) today in the call to revoke the passport of former president Jimmy Carter.

"Frankly," the lawmaker said, "I wanted to send a strong message, because we have a policy in this country about Hamas, and he is just deliberately undermining that policy, and it's wrong.

"You know, Hamas has continually stood for terrorism against peace.

Jimmy Carter is a former President, an American citizen!

Do you think Jimmy Carter is a traitor or a terrorist?

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    No. It is still a free country and Carter as a citizen can travel anywhere.

    As a matter of fact, the state dept. should give him an allowance, because he is doing their job.

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    First off, Israel is an apartheid system. Read a book about the years leading up to the creation of Israel. The very same people who became some of its most well known Prime Ministers were nothing more than terrorists themselves.

    The logic that dictates Israel's right to exist, would also return the entire Mediterranean to Rome, and this entire country to its respective Indians. The last time Israel was an independent nation was before Babylon conquered it. And its not like the People who founded it had ties to the region, they were all Europeans.. they were not Palestininan Jews.

    And no, this statement is not Anti-Semitic. I am not condemning or disparaging the Jewish Faith. I am saying that the country of Israel, as a geo-political entity, and the policies they pursue are racist and a form of aparthied, and that there is no justification for its creation by foreign powers.

    If someone came to your house and forcibly removed you, you woudl try to get yoru hiouse back by any means, would you not?

    Source(s): Oh yeah.. no way in hell do you revoke the passport of Jimmy Carter because you don't like his travel itenerary. FREEEDOM. You want to restrict travel? Welcome to the USSR.
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    I think Jimmy Carter is an idiot. This call is probably nothing more than a symbolic gesture however. Revoking his passport for whatever things he might say is absurd though, so long as he isn't giving away secrets or hatching plots leave him be. I'd expect him to have more class towards the current administration as is precident set by former ex-presidents (ie: Ford) but what can you do?

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    I don't know if his passport could be revoked, but I do think that our government should make a public statement as to the fact that he is NOT representing the US and has no authority to act on our behalf. Hamas needs to be clearly informed throught the media that FORMER President Carter is now a private citizen acting on his own behalf.

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    Yes. Then arrested. 3 years in the slammer for Mr. Carter.

    "The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years."

    I'd pay huge money for an undoctored picture of Jimmy in prison with this caption: "Im in ur jail marrying ur terrorists"

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    you are wrong and have no idea what are you talking about

    he went to stop injustices that have arisen as a result of these events:

    the israeli military capture of palestine

    Youtube thumbnail


    israelis building settlements in palestinian lands in violation of UN laws

    Youtube thumbnail


    money from the US to bolster the illegal capture of plestinian lands

    Youtube thumbnail


    Defying US presidents on the issue

    Youtube thumbnail


    Edit: when you watch the first 2 videos you will understand carter position on the issue.he is there,too.

    Source(s): CNN
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