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What dose Texas look like?

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    Texas has a different look in each part of the state. With big cities like Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, & San Antonio there are plenty of metropolitan areas. Texas borders the Gulf of Mexico so on the south we have the beaches of Galveston, Corpus Christi and Padre Island. East Texas is very green with lots and lots of pine trees. West Texas is flat and dry, and you'll see tumbleweed blowing across the road, and trees growing in a bent shape from the wind blowing against them so much. Southwest Texas is very hot, dry and mountainous. Fill your tank before you go into the Big Bend area because nothing is there but mountains, brush and snakes. In the center of the state around Austin it's called hill country. It's beautiful rolling, green hills. North Texas has a lot of lakes. So Texas has pretty much whatever you want -- you just have to go to the right part of the state to find it.

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    You mean the landscape, or the shape of the state on a map? The landscape is quite varied. There are mountains in the west and some very flat areas, and there are lots of pine trees in East Texas. There are three of the 10 biggest cities in the US in Texas, and there are many very small towns, and a lot in between.

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    It does not look like what you see on the movies. The movies make it look barren, desert, and boring. And that is primarily true about west Texas, but a lot of Texas is cities. Texas has some of the largest and best cities in the United States. God Bless!*

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    Flat, dry, farm land. Highways. Some trees not too many hills or moutains. A lot of lakes. I Live in CA and Texas is ugly to me.

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    Well, I'm in Ft Worth and it's flat. And windy - nothing to stop the wind like hills or mountains. I always say, if a person sneezes in Kansas, we feel a breeze here. :)

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    Interesting question. One does need to pose a question in response, though.

    What is it that you are looking for?

    Texas, it's like a whole other country!

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    A very big state. It has mountains in the east, and flat in the west, north and south.

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    It's beautiful! Right now, flowers are blooming. Kids are swimming. And if you like parties, you'll love it here!

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    uhh.. Like any other state.

    but it's wayy hotter.

    Also there are alot of cows and horses depending on where you live(:

    It's ahmazing.

    I've lived here all muhh life.

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    look on a map... or google it....

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