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Why Hitler wanted to kill all Jews, but he didn't want to kill all Arabs?

They(arabs , jews) are* brothers* .They speak hebew and arabic languages(afro-asiatic languages).

Why he wanted to kill all Slavic peoples?

They are whites and speak Slavic language( Indo-European languages ).

Why Germany enter into alliance with Japan in 1930-1940? Japanese language is not indo-eropean language.

I want to understand .....

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    Because he was a total loon, is why

    Seriously read any biography of hitler, the guy was not all there

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    You have to remember that Hitler was anti-Jewish largely due to the fact that his Mother died while under the care of a Jewish doctor, I forget his name, And that it was Heinrich Himmler who really used the opportunity to practice genocide and artificially select the Aryan race for survival... I have no doubt that if the Nazis had prevailed and Hitler's mind had not given out that they would have eradicated or enslaved every other race on the planet. Luckily that didn't happen. However what did happen was bad enough... Jews, Gypsies, the mentally ill, children born with birth defects, homosexuals, Slavs, Africans, Arabs, and anyone else deemed 'inferior' were marched off to a labor camp to make bullets or uniforms or explosives for the third reich, or worse they got shipped to Auschwitz like cattle to a slaughterhouse. The Nazis under Himmler's "final solution" plan gassed or murdered nearly 12,000,000 human beings (not counting military casualties) over 6,000,000 of them Jews. These facts are disputed by racists to this very day, but it really happened and it wasn't even a hundred years ago... it sort of makes 911 seem sort of insignificant when you look at the sheer numbers involved. WW II was man's struggle against evil at an unprecedented scale... with any luck we will never see the likes of it again.

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    Full answers to your questions would be very lengthy. I admit that some of them would be a little beyond my knowlege. The question of the Germany-Japanese alliance especially sounds interesting. But I admit that anything I write would be uninformed speculation.

    On the Jewish question, anti-semitism was quite prevalent at the time. It was so even here in the U.S. Understanding U.S. anti-semitism explains why the U.S. did not allow Jewish refugees even after the seriousness of their plight was known. As for the reason for anti-semitism, I am sure that I can not speak to all of them. I can say though that there were at the time (and still remain) conspiracy theories that Jewish bankers are attempting to dominate the world in the background [1],[2].

    The same theories are lacking for Muslims. Though with the advent of the War on Terror, they certainly aren't going to be getting more popular.

    I googled "Nazi Japanese alliance" and found an interesting and brief commentary about it [3].

    Source(s): [1] (N.B. I am not an adherent to rense. I'm simply passing on their theory.) [2] - This article actually attributes these theories to the Nazi holocaust. [3]
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    Since the history on WW2 was written by the USA (the winner) Hitler and Germany where all bad and the USA was all good.

    Hitler had warned publicly Jews, to get out of Germany for 8 years, before he got brutal with them. Jews came to Europe in the middle ages and where, as all strangers not allowed to have a trade. At that time, bartering was used for business, but Jews started to loan money. It really took of, when Kings wanted bigger armies to fight (see Bush and the deficit) and they cost a lot.

    Jews footed the bill for 600 years of constant war fare and destruction in Europe, making massive fortunes, with 30 % interests.

    Hitler just disliked them and gave them from 1931 to 1939 to leave.

    Many did, but not all and they endured, what no men should.

    Many other Countries had jewish holocausts, Russia had 400 of them. The Jews came to Germany in masses, because Germany was the place to be by the end of the 19th century and it was a save heaven, compared to other places.

    During the war, the USA stopped giving Jews entry, sending tens of thousands of them back to Germany to their death.

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    He wanted to kill Jews because they were someone that he could blame.

    Pre-World War 2, Germany's economy was in a mess, The treaty of Versailles forced Germany to pay all costs of World War 1, in addition to that, the world was experiencing a great depression. German citizens were in really bad shape.

    The Christian nation had already long blamed Jews for the atrocities in the world and in Europe The Vatican did not want people to become Jews, so they adopted antisemitic policies (which they have since apologized for). Antisemitism was already well established in Europe so all Hitler had to do is rally people around someone to hate, namely the Jews.

    The German people, eager for someone to blame for their problems, readily drove Jews out of neighborhoods. One thing led to another and the holocaust was the result.

    Don't get me wrong. Nazi's also rallied around the point that they felt they were the master race, they didn't like anyone who wasn't like them.

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    Hitler didnt want to kill all the jews, the nazis did. The only reason Hitler was a nazi was because he needed followers for his party so he could become chancelor of Germany, and since the nazis were in power, they killed jews :-) all the top contributers will disagree with me, but thats the truth.

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    He hated the economic situation in Germany, which he completely believed was due to the Jewish banking network. People like the Rothchilds with major banks in Berlin, Paris, London and elsewhere.

    It was and is all about "gold." Hitler referred to the "moneychangers" from scripture and he was not the only one. That is major issue around the world. Hitler believed what his uncle taught him as a boy: The Golden Rule is that the man with the gold makes the rule.

    Hitler believed that Jews had a tradition in money changing, lending and banking.

    Search Wiki.

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    He basically wanted to use the Jews as a scapegoat for all of their problems. Because many of the Jews were wealthy, while the average German family struggled. Hitler seized on this point to create Anti-Jewish sentiment.

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    Arabs were not an easy scapegoat for Germany's problems the way Jews were made out to be.

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    Eventually... he would of killed them too... He wanted to kill everyone who was different, and he actually had a chart that was made which outlined different races and cultures and how important it was to kill them... If you want to learn more about Hitler and what/why he did a lot of stuff, and also how it effected others you should try to visit the Holocaust Museum... It is very informative, here is their website:

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    Hitler wanted to kill and dominate all that weren't like him. The Jews were the most readily accessible. If he wouldn't have been stopped when he was, he would have killed all. It was about power to him - nothing else.

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