2000 Cadillac STS Sporadic temperature guage fluctuation information showing "engine temp hot, turn off A/C"

Sporadic temperature guage fluctuation with the information line showing "engine temp hot, turn off A/C" on 2000 STS, 4.6L Northstar.

There is no driveablility problems at this point. No specific pattern to when the message shows up. The guage needle swings all the way to hot and returns to "normal" each time the warning message shows up.

Initial idiot light on dash cluster came up ABS and Traction Control. Typical turn vehicle off and restart to clear. No result.

Question? Possible damage to main computer system? Or could it be wiring harnesses"?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Could be both! First get a Complete Diagnostic Readout with a "History!" Yeah Computer is Resetting Every time you turn the Key On & Off. Might be the Computer it's Self or Loose Plugs or Shorted Wires at the computer. Cadillac or really Good Auto-Electric Shop to Check it out.

    Source(s): 38 Years Exp.
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