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What was Sam Mitchell thinking?

Okay, so after 20mins of me totally pissed off and pretty much heart broken...How the hell did Sam Mitchell come up with a play like that? And for all you idiots who don't know what I'm taling about, it was the Orlando vs Toronto game where Toronto had 9 secs left and Sam had an infinte amount of time to make a decent play for the Raps to win...But you know what happens, instead with 4 secs left Bosh takes a friggin 20footer....Man you don't a coach to come up with a play like that, all you need is a dumbass to take a 20ft while Howards guarding the friggin stadium...And for anyone who blames Bosh an idiot beause he's the one who got us in the game and Mitchells the one who made us look like idiots...Anyways, I'll sttop ranting and my quesiton is : Is that dumbass Sam Mitchell going to be fired soon and when? (Maybe before game 3 please?)


Simon R: You're right about the money part and that it's his job to take that winning shot but there's a reason a coach gets paid tons too...Man with a game like this I just can't believe Smitch messed up for the second time in a row in the playoffs. BTW Bosh could not have drovne...He had 4 ticks left and it's not like The Orlando Defense gave him any space to drive right through and pretty sure he would have if he had the chance..Plus Sperman was guarding pretty damn good today so I dunno if I'd blame Bosh on that one...F U SMITCH...F U

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    I KNOW! This game and the last. Bosh always bails the D out by taking that 18 ft jumper! I hate that shot. unless he has dropped 6 in row the whole game! Its such a give up shot. DRIVE to the basket. The only one who thought he wasn't fouled on the previous drive was the ref. Don't bail them out too! Make them call the game. Be aggresive! For f$%# sakes BE aggressive the whole game!!!! 48 minutes! you professional high money makers that is why you get paid large amounts of money for performance and hard work!

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    i Dont Care Cause My Magic Won see Ya Later Raptor Fan!!

    Dwight For MVP!!

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