Why can't I e-mail anybody -- even when their profile allows it?

I have spent over 2 hours now trying to "enable email communications". I have read many Yahoo!Answers, but none of their solutions work. Many of them say that in my profile I should click "save", but in my profile there is no "save" option -- just "preview" and on the next page "ok". Help!

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    1 decade ago
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    "preview" and "ok" IS how you save your changes. Wow. No one said it had to be that exact word.. just to save your changes. But I'm not clear what the heck you're trying to save. You're email is enabled. People can email you. It doesn't work like regular email. You won't get email addresses, and no one will see your address. Answers is the go-between in getting the messages people send you (if they email you) to your inbox. But not everyone allows email, so you can't email just anyone. In fact, a lot of people don't allow email. You seem to be in panic mode over what I think is a misunderstanding.

    Here's what's not clear. What makes you think you can't email anybody? You don't say. Nothing goes in your sent folder. You have go to the person's profile and click on the link to send them an email, a little window opens up. You can't email them any other way from Answers. You'll see how many characters you have left as you type your message. Then you just hit "send".

    I think you're just confused as to how an email is sent. You don't do it from your Yahoo! Mail like you would a normal email.... it can only be done by going to each person's profile.

  • Mikki
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    1 decade ago

    Log in with a different browser, like Firefox/Mozilla. Type yahoo.mail.com in the address bar, and take it from there...good luck. I have not been able to access through IE for over a month.

  • 1 decade ago

    click preview

    then, click ok.

    then thats it(if not then press the save button

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