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Finding the motivation to achieve?

i must admit, my lack of motivation (coupled with my lack of self-esteem and on/off depression) has impaired my academic performance significantly. i'm now facing a likely withdrawal from my studies for at least 2 school terms (aka 8 months). i consider myself a capable student (i graduated high school with an A+ average) with lots of potential, but recently things just went haywire. this decision hasn't really helped my emotional health whatsoever, but i desire to learn something from what has happened. i really need tips and vigorous advice on what i should do to motivate myself. do i need to work on my esteem before i think about motivating myself? does anyone also have advice what i should do while i am withdrawan from studies (apart from paid work)? thanks a lot :)

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    I would suggest some self-exploration. A+ average tells me that you are a brilliant student and will become someone important if you find yourself first. May I suggest a study in Meditation. I'm serious. The benefits will astound you. After several months of practise you will begin to see your true path in your life and will return to your studies with renewed vigor and determination. You will have a goal and a mission. Good luck and Life.

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    It sounds like you are depressed. Perhaps you should speak with your doctor. Medication may be helpful, if the right one can be found. Or therapy could be helpful.

    You ask what to do besides paid work - perhaps you can find a worthy cause to volunteer for. Many communities have a volunteer center [in our town the Red Cross does this, along with others]; try to find out. Giving some of your time to those who need it can be very rewarding.

    Good luck to you.

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