is camping in florida safe?

I'm planning a trip to florida with my kids and was thinking about tent camping. Is it too risky will my kids survive?(we go camping in ontario all the time)

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    1 decade ago
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    I've been tent camping in Florida several times. It makes a big, big difference when you go & where.

    Summer in ontario (as I recall) has some pretty large mosquitos from time to time. Summer camping in Florida always has lots of not-as-large-but-seemingly-hungrier-and-more-numerous mosquitos. So summer is out.

    By November, even South Florida has enough cold to keep the mosquitos down.

    So, as for WHEN, stick to Nov-April.

    As for the where, the 'stay away from water' advice is both serious and silly. Last time I camped in Florida, we were on an island, about 30 yards from the gulf of mexico and had no gator problems. Gators will mostly stay away from you if you stay away from them & I tend to see them mostly in lakes/ponds. Obviously, don't pitch your tent right next to a muddy, shady spot on a pond that has eyes poking out of it. That last time we camped, we did see alligators in a pond about 50 yards down the path, but we had no problems with them.

    As for the nice, easy to get to beach spots in South Florida & on the gulf coast, they usually book up well in advance (Fla Keys requires a year's advance booking). On the other hand, it's easier to find spots in north-central florida (Gainesville and north) where you will have better shade, feel cooler in the day, and probably a better time all around as I can't say I ever feel really rested after a beach camping trip as you can never get the sand off. I'd say find a nice spot on a river near Gainesville and camp.

    Yes, the kids will survive.

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    3 years ago

    Anastasia Island State Park is a alluring and secure place to camp. The camp floor is optimal on the sea coast rather lots. The sea coast is approximately 4 miles long, and once you sleep at evening you pays attention the waves crashing. you could swim, fish,experience motorcycles, and a great sort of different issues. There are showers and advantageous loos. there is likewise somewhat save the place you need to purchase some stuff in case you extremely is barely south of historic St. Augustine. Been it extremely is close to to Halloween time, St. Augustine has some great haunted excursions at evening. i desire thi

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    I just came back from a camping trip at St. Andrews State Park in Florida. There's a good article on it here:

    I really enjoyed it, had a lot of fun, and will definitely do it again.

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    OF COURSE! I just got back from a camping vacation, i live in florida, and im 13, im aliveee :] There are alligators but no worries just dont feed them haha kiddinnggg they neveerrrr ever everrr come outt :]

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    1 decade ago

    Stay away from creeks and lakes and you should do fine. Alligators don't hang out on land for long.

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    uh..that depends if you like raccoons stealing your food and keeping you up at night, mosquitoes biting your legs, burnt supplies, slipping into muddy scum and possibly animal poop, getting your fishing hook stuck in your skin, maybe getting mauled by a big animal. If you do (which i highly doubt) HAPPY TRAILS

    Source(s): ive done all of the above when i went campng..(except the poop and mauling)
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    Stay away from the water if you do.

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