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Baby names with last name that starts with "V"?

I love names like:


Oliver (hate nn Olie)

Evangeline (nn Evie)

Genevieve (nn Evie)

But my last names starts with "V" :o( Do you agree these names are too much with the "V" sounds?

- example Evie V__

I'm afraid it's too much alliteration. What do you think?



Okay, the last name is Vo - so it's really short.

Update 2:

Yeah, I don't like the nickname Gen or Jen, I'd rather go with Evie. Gen/Jen reminds me of Jennifer :-p

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    I think that they are good with the last name... I would just stay away from rhyming! lol... but when it comes down to it- don't worry about what other people think.good luck

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    Sometimes that alliteration works really well. And your kid ends up with a name that sounds like a super heros. I suppose it is your choice in the end.

    And all the Genevieves I have ever known have been called Gen. If that helps at all. I seriously love that name, it is so classic and suits people of all ages. Good choice!

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    Girl: Janice, Jane, Jamie, Janaya, Jill, Jennifer, Jenny, Jennelle, Jessica, Julie Boy: James, Jericho, Jeremey, Jan, Jonathan, John, Johnny, Jacob, Jake

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    I Like Gavin Oliver V.

    Genevieve Aura V.

    and also like

    Victoria Erin V.

    with the nickname Tory

    also like

    Morgan Elise V.

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  • I think Evangeline Vo is very cute and Genevieve Vo is also sweet. Oliver Vo and Gavin Vo go really well.

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    I would have to hear the last name to say for sure, but I don't think that Evie Vassar (for example) would sound bad.

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    Perhaps..............but I wouldn't let that stop ME, if I was crazy about a name and it had meaning for me and or my family. Love Gavin, Oliver is good, also. I too hated Ollie, but my nephew is an Ollie, and it suits him to a T, so now I think it's adorable just like him.

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    They are all outstandingly great names.

    Vo is so cute ... everything goes with Vo.

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