Is Aragorn's sword is broken below the hilt?

from the Lord of the Ring and the Fellow ship of the Ring.

I think it is in the first book but not sure.


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    Yes it was. I think it was broken two feet from the hilt, not sure though.

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    Yes. It's the sword of his ancestor Elendil, broken in the final confrontation with Sauron in the war that ended the Second Age.

    It's referred to in at least two scraps of poetry:

    Seek for the Sword that was broken,

    In Imladris it dwells...

    (the dream-message that sent Boromir looking for Rivendell)

    Renewed shall be blade that was broken;

    The crownless again shall be king.

    (written for Aragorn by Bilbo Baggins)

    A copy of the second verse, in a letter from Gandalf, is the prompt for Aragorn displaying the broken sword, in the Prancing Pony Inn at Bree. He has it reforged midway through that volume, however, before leaving Rivendell.

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