Why is English climate more moderate than Newfoundland? ... 10 points anyone?

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    The warm water current that runs constantly up from the Gulf of Mexico (known as the Gulf Stream) and the resulting southwesterly prevailing wind makes the Atlantic coast of Europe and the British Isles much warmer than places the same distance north on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Interestingly, global warming could cool the same climate as the rise in water level from melting ice caps may cause a diversion of the stream.

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    The warm water from the Gulf of Mexico moves north along the US coast and moves eastward toward the British Isles before it reaches Newfoundland.

    That is also why the port of Murmansk in Russia is not frozen over in the winter.

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    The gulf stream. There is a growing fear however that melting fresh water ice disrupt this process in turn western Europe's weather into one resembling Canada or Siberia.

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    yes it it because moderet is larger then the newcomberly compound of% or the largest of 2%

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    the jet stream.

    just watch any canadian weather channel.

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