Solutions? Partition of Iraq?

Iraq is a fake country created by Winston Churchill in 1921. It was created out of three provinces of the old Ottoman Empire. The Baker Commission and Senator Joe Biden have called for a soft partition of Iraq for a quick exit. You thoughts?


they are now free have never wanted to live together. The problem is that we are trying to enforce a fake boundary. Those people don't like each other and don't want to line in peace with each other. Kurds, sunni and shia

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    maybe so but it's real today. If you want to return things to the way they were earlier how about we go back to 1800 when Mexico owned most of the land west of the Mississippi or back to 1491 when Europe had no claim on the Americas and the US (and Israel for that matter) didn't exist.

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    If only the wise men and women of Washington, D.C. could find a solution? The problems is the officials of Washington, D.C. have not proven to be wise with one foreign policy blunder after another. Now they want you to believe that they have finally got it right?

    I have the highest respect for Senator Biden and the Baker Commission but they're not perfect. How many lives and hundreds of billions of dollars are we to gamble on these proposals?

    You can draw all the lines you want on the map. Who's going to enforce it? The Iraqi army and police? They are dominated by militias.

    President Woodrow Wilson has great plans to improve the world. One of his ideals was that every country should be allowed self-determination. Beyond the hopeless so-called government of Iraq are the Iraqi who should determine the future of Iraq. What if American let the Iraqi manage their own affairs? Would that be as bad as the current attempts by Washington to manage Iraq? If the Iraqi want to partition their country, whose going to stop them?

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