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Dell inspiron 1521 lap top battery charger...?

I went to plug in my computer so it could charge, so then I checked the status of it and it say like 44% remaining (plugged in, not charging) And then I got this pop up that said "Please insert a 65 adapter or higher for best use. I dont know what I did wrong but I really need to charge my computer. I tried different outlets and everything! I dont know whats going wrong! Somebody please help!! I dont think its the charger because I have this lap top since november and I have never had this problem until now. Suggestions or Help would be Greatly appreciated!!!

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  • dvskv
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    1 decade ago
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    We own 3 Dell Notebook PCs incl Dell Inspiron E1505/6400 and first of all, why the remaining 44% Battery status appeared is bec you did NOT have the AC charger plugged in so it quietly went lower and lower...

    As for the 65W adapter issue, one of our 3 Dell Notebook PCs has a a smaller AC adapter (PA-12 Family is 65W) than the other 2 (PA-10 Family is 90W) and if you were to flip your Dell Inspiron 1521 over on the bottom in the Dell Label just above the Dell Svc Tag and Express Code it should probably state FOR USE WITH ADAPTER PA10 or PA-12 so one of the following scenarios must have occurred: (i) you perhaps had an older Dell Notebook PC that had a smaller and different adapter or (ii) say when you last used your Dell Adapter somewhere outside your home, they got switched or someone switched it without you looking

    To answer your inquiry and correct your problem, I would first carefully gather all your DELL AC ADAPTERs and then carefully examine the PA-# on each setting aside any that are marked "PA-10" or "PA-12." Also you might want to verify the correct Dell AC Adapter required by flipping your Inspiron 1521 and once you find a PA-10 or PA-12 adapter then plug it in and connect to your Inspiron 1521 and the Battery % should slowly climb back to 100%

    Hope the Above Info Helps!

  • 1 decade ago

    Its your charger , ac current carries 125 volt. Your adapter transforms to your componet.

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