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How do I put the voice of Microsoft Sam in Windows Movie Maker?

I'm making a movie, and I just want to know how I put the voice of Microsoft Sam, into Windows Movie Maker. First, I go into Control Panel, then Speech, then I can put in whatever I want. I know that part. But, I want to save the voice, and put it in the movie.

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    ok, this might sound a little confusing, but there is a way to do it. and there may be other ways, but this one is the easiest i can think of.


    download audacity.


    audacity is a program used to record, edit, save etc. audio files.


    install it. (dont worry, theres no spyware or anything, i use it and im fine. and if you dont want to install it anyway, use Portable Audacity)



    open audacity and the speech window. type what you want into the speech window and set it to microsoft sam.


    go to audacity and set the imput device in the drop down menu at the top to "what you hear" or "WAV out" or something along those lines. then hit the record button, quickly switch back to speech, and hit play to make microsoft sam say stuff.

    when this is over, hit the stop button in audacity.


    save the new sound from the File menu. if you are going to save it as an mp3, you will need to download a dll. thats ok.



    import the saved file into windows move maker

    i really hope that helps. good luck.

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    you may might desire to locate a thank you to checklist Microsoft (Mike or Sam) & save the information as a WMA or a MP3 format. Microsoft (Mike & Sam) are textual content fabric to speech voice synthesizers, they are able to't be imported into action picture maker.

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    Hey there,

    If you click here on the link you can download for free Audacity http://j.mp/1lqfLc0

    It works like a charm.


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