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Is there any other good finacial program besides FHA?

Is there any other good finacial program besides FHA? I really need some help thankyou

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    There are tons of good programs out there, by the way FHA is not the tops. You didn't say how old you were, where you lived, married or single, credit score and income level. Those are all items that need to be answered to find the best program for you.

    There are loans for first time buyers (low interest)

    Federal sponsered loans for poor

    Local loans and grants by where you live.

    FHA, VA, RHS, State and Local Housing Programs, Conforming Loans, and a lot more.

    Without knowing more about you I can't even begin to give advice. Don't go to debt consolidators. Call your local government and ask who handles/helps home buyers. That should get you started in the right direction.pp

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