Shared folders over wireless LAN network?

Here is the situation: me and two other people lived together 4 months ago. we had sharing folders set up over our wireless LAN network. We split up for a while for various reasons, and now we are all back again in the same place, and the two other people's sharing folders work fine, but mine cannot be seen by them and I cannot see theirs. So it is something with my computer but i do not know what. I didn't change any of the settings while I was gone. Any ideas on how I can get them abailable again?


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    Easy way

    Install Hamachi on all PCs and create a new network and have eveyone else join. THen right click a computer in Hamachi and click 'Browse'. Hamchi is great because you can share files over the internet too if you take your computer out.

    Just use the basic version - it is free. You don't need to worry about IP addresses at all.

    Advanced Way

    Just do it by IP address.

    Go to a computer you can't see the shares on.

    Hold Windows key and press "r"


    ipconfig /all

    write down the IP address of the Wireless Network COnnection.

    Go to you PC

    Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and in the address bar type

    \\{IP address of other PC} - and press enter



    You should then see the SMB shares.

    If the router supports DHCP by MAC address, configure your router to hand out IP leases to specific MAC address of the Wireless adapters of all the PCs, this way the LAN IP addresses won't change. Or just setup Manually in Windows (which is not ideal if you take you laptop out of the house).

    Then in Windows Explorer

    Tools-->Map Network Drive

    Under server

    \\{IP address of Computer}\SharedFolderName

    'you must include a name of a shared folder' or if won't mount.

    Assign it a drive letter and check 'Reconnect at Logon'

    Now you should see the Share in My Computer.

    Repeat for all computers.

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    Most likely a firewall issue. Make sure them or you didnt install some new virus scan or firewall or change firewall settings. This can cause network shared folders to be blocked. I've seen this happen with Norton firewalls espically but can defiantely happen with others.

    Good luck.

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    6 years ago

    Hi there,

    If you are searching for Hamachi you can download it for free here

    It works like a charm.

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