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Computer Program that restrict Internet access?

I am looking for a program that will restrict internet access to a specific time period. I am looking for one that allows me to set numerous passwords. Also the passwords would allow access for a set period of time each day, like 1 hour per day.

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This password would be able to be typed into the computer by the user, not by the administrator. I have seen a program such as this in a youth drop in center, but again I do not know the name. The youth were given a passcode, which they put into the computer, and allowed them access for 1 hour after which it logged them off. I have also seen a similar program at libaries or other public access computers.

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    Do you use a router in your home? If you do you can set up the security settings in it to limit web sites and impose time limits for each computer on the network using the machine-specific MAC address each one has. And, you do it from a single location and not worry about setting up passwords. And, you don't have to worry about anyone changing the settings as long as you are the only one with the password to the router.

    The thing about Net Nanny and similar programs is that they must be installed on the computer you wish to limit. That causes a different problem as people always try to go around the limits imposed by the program by hacking it is one way or another, which in turn can mess up the computer. Its a vicious cycle.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Net Nanny

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    a million. In internet Explorer, click internet techniques on the kit menu. 2. click the content cloth tab. 3. decrease than content cloth consultant, click enable to open the content cloth consultant communique field. observe: For this score gadget to artwork, the internet internet site might desire to be rated via the author. If the author posts objectionable content cloth yet does no longer software the internet site to disclose the score, content cloth consultant will block the internet site in spite of its content cloth. you are able to replace this putting so as that purchasers might view internet web content that have no score. you additionally can create a password that enables purchasers to view limited content cloth. The authorized web content function can be effective in this occasion. 4. To enable rankings, click the rankings tab of the content cloth consultant communique field. for each classification of objectionable content cloth, regulate the slider bar to the point you want. click ok. Specifying internet internet site get admission to a million. click the authorized web content tab interior the content cloth consultant communique field. 2. enter the internet internet site handle you want to block or enable interior the enable this internet internet site field. 3. in case you want to permit the internet internet site to be considered, click the constantly button. in case you want to block the positioning, click the by no potential button. An get admission to for the positioning is created interior the checklist of authorized and disapproved internet web content field. 4. in case you want to eliminate a internet site from the checklist, click that internet site interior the checklist of authorized and disapproved internet web content field, and then click eliminate. transforming into a supervisor Password a million. click the final tab interior the content cloth consultant communique field. 2. decrease than supervisor password, click Create Password. 3. interior the Create supervisor Password communique field, type the password in the two the Password and determine password packing bins. 4. type a sprint for the password interior the enter a sprint on your new password field. in case you forget your password, you are able to answer the hint to income get admission to to the content cloth consultant.

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    You can try K9 Web Protection

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    Hands down the best I have used is BSSafe (

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