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Horse has strangles; urinating blood and urine? Normal?

My horse has strangles (lump under neck) he's barely drinking water again. He was before, but now he doesn't care about it. Probably dehidrated. Temperature was at 105, but then dropped to 99.5 one night. Soaked legs in water and the temperature dropped to 102. He had problems urinating and nobody has ever seen him urinate, and we check on him almost every two hours. We also check for wet straw, but nothing. He has pooped. No problem with that. He has been eating sweet feed, hay, alphalfa treats, and sometimes oats. We found a tinted red urine when we checked on him and positive that it is blood. Is it something he ate? And he has strangles from about almost a week ago. Is this normal from strangles? The person that owns the boarding place is a veterinarian, and we gave him Bute and Pennasillin. We give him Pennasillin every morning around 9:00 and night around 7:00 or 8:00. I'm not too sure how much they gave him.

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    from what it sounds like, lump, fever, etc. i think it could be lymphoma. my cousins dog had that... heres the link.. double check the symptoms to make sure it is right. Im terribly sorry to hear that about your horse.. wish you all the best! I know what its like to have a sick animal, aweful feeling. ~god bless~

    (got to the article headed "Even Horses Can Get It")


    heres another one also:


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    Your horse could have developed a problem from not drinking enough water. I know that cats, when under hydrated can get bad bladder infections. I would guess he has something wrong with his bladder or kidneys. antibiotics do help, but I've heard vets say that giving a horse with strangles penycillan or antibiotics is a bad thing to do, because you want the abscess to break open and drain. antibiotics can give your horse the ******* strangles which is life threatening. I would get a second opinion. It could be something more serious than the strangles, It definitly sounds like someting I would be taking my horse to a vet for. I know from person experience that bladder infections are EXTREMELY painful.

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    Just because taking an animal to the vet may cause anxiety doesn't mean its okay to leave the condition unchecked. Believe me you would be doing her a favor by at least getting her checked out. I've only ever had boy rats so I dont know much about females and their menstral cycle. It could be as simple as that or it could be something else. Rats are prone to getting cancer, so you should be getting her health checked out anyway. You owe it to your animal to do everything in your power to make sure they are healthy and happy. If you go to petsmart or a any other pet store there are usually small pet carriers you can buy, or you can use a small box like a shoe box to transport her in. Put some food and bedding in there so she is comfortable and less stressed. And make sure you call around to different vets in your area to make sure they can help her. Most vets check out small animals, so I'm sure you will have no problem finding someone to look at her. Good luck!

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    Call the vet.

    I have one horse that's had reddish urine for 15 years; the vet says it's just the way she is. After it sits a bit, it's really red, but it's not blood. She's fine.

    It's very possible it's normal, but given everything else going on with the horse I would call the vet.

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    This sounds like it's serious enough to call a vet right away. Something else besides strangles is wrong with this horse.

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    If he is urinating in snow, yeah thats normal coloring...

    If not, no its not normal and he needs a vet. I have never had a horse urinate blood from strangles, and I have dealt with many a strangles case.

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    Last time I treated Strangles it was with Banamine, pennicillian and Naxcel all together. So if who owns the place is a vet, why are you posting on here? Go talk to your vet.

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    It could be parvo becuz my dogs had it and they didint drink....didnt eat..... had the problem i think there is a good chance of suriving! :)

    ~Good Luck~

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