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Russian to english translation...?

Sergei nastoial, chto bi ia ela kajdiy den ribu i otkrovenno menia baloval. mne teper v rime sovsem grustno. vdali ot vseh "druzei" mi prekrasno ladili i ia chuvstvovala sevbia samoi scahstlivoi - nastolko ia ubìverenna, chto eto On, chto imenno ego ia jdala. znaiu, chto prosto nichego ne daetsia, i chto za schastie nado borotsia, ia budu mnogo pisat, potomu chto nedavno priehali...

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    Sergei insisted that I eat fish every day and was outright spoiling me. Now I am very bored in Rome. Far from all "friends" we were getting along real well, and I felt like the happiest person in the world - I was so sure that is the one that I was waiting for. Please know that nothing comes easy, that you gotta work for happiness, and I am ready [for it] .... I'll keep it short since we just got here.

    It sounds like some random phrases that spambots were sending around Russian internet recently.

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