question about cloud strife's sword?

which sword holds more importance to cloud?

this one: (the simple one with two smallish holes nar the hilt)


this one: (the one that sorta splits into 7 different swords)

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    1 decade ago
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    ***Spoiler alert for FFVII Advent's Children***

    Definitely Zack's Buster Sword, (splits into 7) because Cloud wields it in memory of Zack Fair*, Aerith's former boyfriend, after his death, henceforth, the 'living my life for the both of us' part in Advent's Children. The other sword is also important, being the one that Cloud used to wield during his soldier days, but I think the Buster Sword is much more important to Cloud. (Plus Omnislash kicks ***) ><

    *Zack Fair's the guy with the spiky black hair that's seen with Aerith in Advent's Children in the end where Cloud is in the pool and sees her outside the door. He died defending Cloud from Shinra foot soldiers.

    Source(s): Wikipedia, and by just being an otaku
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