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Mariah Carey new video "bye bye" rating?

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    2and a half stars out of 5

    First of all I'm A Mariah carey don't say thar i only wrote this because i hate her the truth is i love her music..

    For me the video is pathetically simple..I've expect we belong together standards video because it's a two part video(bye bye and love story)..Comparing it to her previous video Touch my body I'm Disappointed

    the video is kinda like a documentary of her life with pictures of her family...the video is better if like someone died and she's crying over the tombstone.. I think the concept of the video is not that bad but there is no story in the video...

    If she really like to show some of her pics she could like use it in a different way like she's crying while looking at her dad's pic and open a photo album and she saw she and her family having fun together..


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    im a huge mimi fan so uno stright away im gonna feel the video

    i think she played it simple and low budget for the fact that its about death and if she made the video like her others than the msg of the song wudnt come across sympathetic

    however when i 1st saw a 30second preview of the video i was kindve dissapointed as i thought it would be like a we belong together but its grown on me and i hope it earns her her 19th seen as the topic shes talking about is very touching

    i like the part of the video where shes showing the pics of all the deceased people its such a nice gesture.

    p.s have u heard the remix with jayz & her third single well be love story and the video well be the 2nd part of bye bye and well also feature nick cannon just like she did with WBT and its like tha, so that well be intresting to see

    bye bye- 4star video!

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    I think it's great!! I loved the fact that pictures of her dad and grandmother were included along with Pavoratti and Luther Vandross.I noticed there was a picture of Willy,her cat that was on the Cribs episode was in there too.

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    1 decade ago

    10 out of 10!

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  • 4 years ago

    Wow that's such an previous action picture, Anari i've got self assurance from early ninety's. i actually cherished the music "Phoolon sa chehra tera" from this action picture, and this one is likewise very candy :) thank you for posting it!

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    Ive never saw the video yet but i hope its good.

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    its on now!!!!

    here's the link

    Youtube thumbnail

    and then she is married to nick cannon and im happy for her

    thought other fans was not^^


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