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What is the best question in Y/A (ramadan) since the last 3 weeks?

1.What is the best question in Y/A (ramadan) since the last 3 weeks? What is the best answer u have recieved up to now? 2. Which person has stopped turning up? Do u miss them ? Who are the new people on Y/A (like me)?

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    I don't know. I'm pretty sure mine are amongst the worst. Very dull and unimaginative. Excruciatingly painful to read.

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    I think best question is this one yours. I never gave so much time cheking for best answers, best questions. I don't understand whom to chose.

    this one I think is better after yours.;_ylt=Ao7DT...

    best answer: this is an answer I got for the question:;_ylt=AuY4f...


    wear something like a tracksuit ........something that covers the whole body.......and as for the hijab part.......convert it into something really tight that it doesnt fall the whole covering is done.......right

    ask your coach if this is ok or what if it looks awkward

    participating in football might be a bit difficult .......coz people usually wear shorts.......volley and skating is ok

    finally.........if muslim girls can fight in full hijab than whats the problem with sports???........anything new seems awkward .......but you do it........and let yourself be an example and inspiration for all.......cheers.......and do let me know what happens afterwards..........about your decision ,the games and what the coach says!!!!!

    most importantly.......stay honest to yourself and your feelings......dont let racism and mean talk about religion create obstacles for you

    once again ............BE COOL GIRL!!!

    I really don't remember any here so good or so bad, they are mixed lolz... getting suspended all the time and they keep changing their names and avatars. I miss though the answere Bandit he is not from Ramadan section though but he asked good questions, and gave good answers.

    lolz... again there are people changing their avatars and name so I don't get if they are old or new. there are many though and people keep coming even non-muslims.

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    properly Y!A continues to be, regrettably, the comparable sickly eco-friendly shade so no longer a lot has replaced. Welcome returned! i could supply you a fanfare, yet i can not blow right into a trumpet. tried and it did no longer artwork. i can not believe you have been in Switzerland. i'm so jealous. So somewhat jealous. i could end staring on the dazzling Race, Getaway and spending time on return and forth sites. replace into it staggering? replace into it suited? Did you have an excellent time?

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    Assalam u alaikum.

    I have seen few posts by you. Welcome to Ramadan Family :)

    Good and bad people are everywhere, so is the case in this section too. so beware of the trolls.

    well, to answer your question,I have found the following question the most beautiful so far I remember ~!

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    NOUB have already provided u the link to the best question....n thats not for three weeks...i believe, its for the century....

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    1. Many,many.

    2. don't keep track, u are the new kid on the block, get ready to get bombarded lol.

  • the best questions are the ones i ask that never show up so i have to delete them

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    What is the best answer u have recieved up now?

  • I dont know a good question in particular.

    Your a new brother, So welcome to the Y/A Ramadan.

    Aslam ualaykum warahmatulahi wabaraktu

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    Well all of the q's are great, but I really like NOUBS q's.

    They really make you think

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