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Can you remeber the last time you dressed up for halloween?

what was your costume ?

last thing I was was an eskimo ..

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    last Halloween, I was a dead person. I was wearing the dress my mom wore to my godmother's wedding because it got a stain in it so she didn't want it anymore. I stabbed it with a knife and then I buried it. The dirt didn't do much, but some of the dirt clung to it. Then I put a lot of ketchup on it since we were out of fake blood (which wasn't a good idea because I had to throw it away before it got moldy). then I put white make-up on my face and neck and made a slit throat and red under the eyes.

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    I have to dress up for work for 6 weeks straight - September - October.

    I start off with something not scary and alternate between a Pirate and an 80's Rock Star.

    Then during the 2nd Week of October I alternate between a Evil Scarecrow and a Scary Mask w/ Robe.

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    Last year, lol. I don't think I've missed a Halloween since I was 2 (which was 30 years ago) Last year I went as a stressed out mom. Hair ratted all the way out, makeup haphazzardly put on, p.j.'s and houseshoes. It was great!!

  • Yes, last october.

    I was a myspace page! I cut out a hole where then main pic would go and thats where my face went... then i designed the rest of the poster board to look like an old school myspace page.

    it won the costume contest.

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    Yep... final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days! I gown up, each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days; so does my husband, and, of direction, our childrens... we like it! And, childrens like to work out adults dressed up. :) We did a 'Harry Potter' subject, final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days... My son substitute into Harry, their cousin substitute into Ron, my daughter substitute into Hermione, hubby substitute into Snape, i substitute into McGonnagal, and my toddler daughter substitute into Scabbers, the rat. :) final addition to the kin, is due, only till now Halloween, so, not sure what i'm going to be, this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, yet husband is going as Mike Meyers, from 'Halloween'! Or, somebody from an eighty's hair band, hahaha!!

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    I dressed up last year but it was kinda a last minute thing. You see, I wasn't planning on it (because I'm 16 and everyone said I was too "old" to go trick or treating) and then some friends who were too "old" that morning got younger or something and texted me and we went trick or treating so I was a ninja/ballerina/alien! It was pretty exiting.

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    For the past few years I've been wearing my black shirt that says "This is my Halloween Costume, Get over it."

    We do dress, but not in costume. (except my son who goes candy hunting) It's my wedding anniversary and also Samhain, so we do traditional Wiccan celebration as well as a special anniversary dinner. (My husband obliges, I think only because I make him his Christian holiday meals and take part in those celebrations with them)

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    I dressed up as captain jack sparrow. I know it's a little odd for a woman to dress up as a man, but I'm obsessed with johnny depp! =]

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    I was a fairy last year. I love to dress up on Halloween.

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    Last year


    Punk, Vampire



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